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We Love Our Community

NLBDC is about Community Support. We are Committed to Helping You.

We work with communities to increase youth leadership, women’s resources, and healthcare education. As an unfunded non-profit we depend on the generosity of those that can afford to give back to their community. If you are in a position to give back, please consider making a donation to NLBDC so that we can continue to create a great community.

If you are local to Montgomery County, PA and you want to give back to your community then we’d like you to consider joining our team of volunteers.

I want to say thank you for always supporting Norristown Safe House. Everything we were in need of, NLBDC has come through like champs! The takeout containers...... you do not know how much of a blessing they were. Due to the Covid 19, we were struggling buying containers using them faster than we could afford to buy them BUT NLBDC supplied us with hundreds. The HOMELESS/HUNGRY were passing out on the streets of Norristown this past summer due to dehydration BUT because NLBDC supplied us with cases and cases of water we were able to maintain the supply of ice water all throughout the summer. Now the winter months are here, and NLBDC has come through again with the blankets. Because of NLBDC, we were able to give out over 100 blankets to the homeless in Norristown and the Philadelphia area. No matter how big or small our needs you always come through. Thank you for all your love, support, and kindness.
Christina Powell-Williams