No Longer Bound Development Center “Unity in our Community Panel”

Vision-Board-No Longer Bound Norristown PA

No Longer Bound Development Center presents an evening of unifying our community. Speak with community leaders & law enforcement.


Panelists Include:

State Rep -Matthew Bradford

NAACP- Kenneth Huston

Assistant district attorney- Todd Barnes

Honorable Judge Gregory Scott

MaryKay Mahar- Senior director of early learning child development

Christopher Davis- Middle School Guidance counselor

Twiggy Page- Teacher

Pastor Harriet Adams

Norristown Chief of Police- Mark Talbot

Norristown municipal council- Derrick Perry

COVID-19 Microbiological Operations – Kurtis C. Oakley, CPT

This panel aims to educate our community in these areas and more:

  • How can we establish learning strategies for having open and honest conversations about racism?
  • What are some long-term equality goals that we can implement regarding the issue of racism, injustice, lack of communication, perception, and more ( How stereotyping can affect our interaction with others)
  • How can we ensure that law enforcement is trained to recognize and overcome their biases? ( Areas of prejudice, stigma, and labeling)
  • What protocols can we implement to make sure that law enforcement officials are following the rules/law themselves?
  • How can community members better communicate with law enforcement?
  • As a community how can we create more equality? In our communities? In our schools? In our local organizations?

With the current landscape of America, education on these topics is necessary and we seek to be understood so this is what this panel aims to answer.

**Discussion Update regarding a question on identifying yourself when questioned by police:

ADA Todd Barnes:

I’m not aware of any PA Crimes Code provision that says individuals must identify themselves to police on request.  In fact, if the officer does not already have reasonable suspicion that the individual is involved in criminal activity, the individual is under no obligation to respond at all.  However, an officer does not need suspicion to ask for a name, and the refusal to give one can be viewed as a factor in producing reasonable suspicion for police to detain the individual.  Beyond that, if a person is reasonably believed to have violated the Vehicle Code (in a car or as a pedestrian) the person is required stop upon the request of any police officer and to show a registration card, driver’s license, insurance info, and/or other means of identification.  The right to remain silent generally doesn’t apply to a person merely identifying who they are.  Also, it is a crime to provide a false name to an officer.  **

The above is for clarification purposes, it is always recommended to identify yourself if stopped.

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