We’ve Raised $5,000. But THIS was the biggest impact.


No Longer Bound D.C is an organization that takes great interest in affecting change in our community. 

Together we believe that through education and empowerment we can build Montgomery County and Norristown to be great than it already is today.

Our First Year

During our first year as an organization, we have been fortunate to host events that have served 100’s of people in the community. Through these events, we’ve been able to inspire people to go beyond what they believe they are capable of. 

At NLBDC we believe in servant leadership so we do everything in our power not to just talk about making an impact but actually following through. 

Jeffersonville Country Club Youth Fundraising Banquet

Our largest event to date was our 1st annual Youth Fundraising banquet that we hosted at the Jeffersonville Country Club. We created this event because we want the community to see these kids for more than the brands that they wear.

From setup to the menu, rapping, singing, poetry, and most scary of all, public speaking the team was responsible for everything. They did a great job.

In front of a crowd of close to 100 guests, some of the youth leaders braved the stage to showcase their talents cementing that indeed they are more than the brands they wear.

We Raised $5,000

We want to ensure that the youth leaders have the ability to grow and with that growth comes the need for financing. 

Because of their hard work, the group was able to explore and travel to multiple events like amusement parks and team outings/bonding but most importantly we were able to help feed families in need over the holidays.

This event was a success not just because we managed to raise over $5000 in donations, rather the youth leaders dug deep and found a part of themselves they may not have found otherwise. 

They found pride. They found passion.

And that’s what this is about.

Health & Wellness Fair

Hosted at the Norristown Public Library, the Health & Wellness Fair was our second-largest event in 2019.

The goal was simple. We want to make sure that every resident in Montgomery County has access to the resources that they need to live a healthy, productive lifestyle.

We partnered with 14 health & wellness vendors in the community which included Merck, Merck for Mothers, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Montgomery County Health Department, and The Crisis Helpline. 

Each of these organizations helped us to bring serious education to the local community. Everyone walked away with a few action items to move them towards a path of a better healthy lifestyle.

More than 80 People In The House

With the help of our team and local committees, we were able to bring in more than 80 local residents for a day of fun and education. All of the local stores and restaurants that were kind enough to donate food and raffles, thank you.

The Smaller (and definitely loved) Events in 2019

Not everything we do is for others. Sometimes, it’s a nice feeling to simply treat yourself, especially when it’s earned.

Because the youth leaders worked hard on the event above and impacted the community at the level that they did we were able to slide in a few “fun” trips that they may have enjoyed a little more than we thought. (evidenced by the photos below)

Dorney Park, STD Awareness Month Seminar, Montgomery County Courthouse visit, and of course a Boys night our at the movies to watch Avengers Endgame.

We have been able to do a lot with a little so we are grateful for what we’ve been able to accomplish and excited about the future impact we will have on the community.


No Longer Bound Dorney Park Trip


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